Friday, April 10, 2009

Horned Toad Tales

I recently learned that How to Steal a Dog was voted as the winner of the Horned Toad Tales Award.

This award is voted on by the 49,000 elementary school students of the Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District in Texas.

I just received the trophy for the award.

Can there be a cooler trophy than this??!!


Lennye said...

The Horned Toad is the official mascot of Texas Christian University and the offical state reptile. I think this is a cool award for a great book.

Anonymous said...

COOL! Love that toad. And CONGRATULATIONS!

Anonymous said...

I got to visit a few of the Cy-Fair schools this year. These are very smart kids!

Janet said...

Congratulations! That toad is one neat trophy.

Mrs.M said...

Hello Ms. O'Connor:

Here is a picture of my 4th grade daughters town she built for her book report, "How To Steal A Dog"! She made a coffee house, Carmelia's house, Willy's dog house down the gravel road, Mookie, Luanne, car with details like beach towels hanging for privacy and milk crate, food and Toby. My daughter added a lot of detail as she wrote her story like; green shutters, brick on the house, moths on the light post and more. As a family we enjoyed her creativity and interest in the project, how enriching! In addition, many recycled materials were used throughout this project. From doll furniture to grass on the board donated by Meijer grocery stores in Plainfield, IL.

Thank you for writing the book!

Also, if you are ever in Plainfield, IL, please feel free to visit, Eagle Pointe Elementary. Our budget is low, but if are traveling through town, the reception you will get from the community and students is exceptional.

Very appreciative,

Mrs. McKee
(Natalie's mom)
Posted by Mrs.M at 11:13 AM

Barbara O'Connor said...

Mrs. McKee: Thank you so much for sharing that! Natalie sounds very creative! I wish I could have seen her project. It sounds as if she didn't miss a single detail.

I'm glad you and Natalie enjoyed my book. And I thank you for your invitation! Who knows, maybe some day I will, indeed, be in Plainfield, IL.

Mrs.M said...

Please see the pictures of "How To Steal A Dog" on my blog. Very Appreciative

Mrs. McKee

Barbara O'Connor said...

Oh WOW!!! This is fantastic!!!! Thank you so much. Natalie did an amazing job!

Barbara O'Connor said...

Mrs. M: May I post a link to this as a separate blog entry on this blog?

Mrs.M said...

Of course.

Thanks for your time and Natalie was excited to hear from you!

Thanks, again

Mrs. Mckee