Friday, April 3, 2009

Can you dig it?

I have an ongoing project of updating photo albums. I came across these pics of my dear dog, Phoebe.

I think they are hysterical.

(My husband, however, does not.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember THOSE pictures! When looking for a new pup, can you figure out a test to be sure she's not a digger?
Sweet Phoebe.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh....adorable Phoebe. Poor hubby.

Laurie said...

Did you happen to notice the face in the grass?

The holes are eyes. The nose is kinda flat, and the grass curves into a mustache and a smile. It looks like he might be chewing his fingernail. I can almost see the gray outline of the fellow's ear.

My opinion, the dog is an artist.