Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hippity hop

I love traditions.

Holidays (especially Easter) are steeped in traditions.

Like the Easter egg tree, loaded with eggs we've decorated over the years:

But my favorite is the panoramic sugar egg the Easter Bunny brought my son every year.

Naturally, I've saved them all. Some of them haven't survived (darn those pesky, sugar-eating mice up there in the attic!).

I love looking at them each year.

There's this one with bluebirds on the top:

And this one with a caterpillar:

And a chicken:

This one is hard to see inside of, but it's a hummingbird:

This is blurry, but you can see the little ladybug inside there with the hummingbird:

And this one has a bunny painting eggs:


Anonymous said...

Ah, when I was a kid my mom used to create sugar eggs that looked just like this. None left now. Guess I should get her fired up for it again.

Janet, said...

Well, I guess I've been left out all these years. I've never seen sugar eggs like that before. They are very pretty.