Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cool and kinda cosmic

My beloved dog, Phoebe, passed away in February.


I still miss her terribly.

We recently discovered a bird's nest under the eaves of our screened porch.

Guess what kind of bird it is?

A Phoebe bird!!??

That's cool and kinda cosmic, right?


jama said...

Definitely cosmic. After all, the Native Americans believe that birds are messengers between heaven and earth.

After my uncle passed away, a strange bird kept appearing on my aunt's porch, like it was checking to make sure she was alright!

TamraW said...

I totally believe in cosmic . . .

What a sweet way to remember Phoebe!

Anonymous said...

Oh man...that is absolutely cosmic!

I have my very first nest in the yard ever. It's right above the door to go out back, in the rollup blind which will have to stay rolled up now. Silly finches.

Anonymous said...