Monday, June 1, 2009

Greetings from Massachusetts

Greetings from Nowhere has been recommended for the Massachusetts Book Award, presented by the Massachusetts Center for the Book.



Thanks to the ever vigilant Mitali Perkins for the heads-up on this!


Mrs.M said...

Congratulations! from Natalie 4th grader E.P.
That is so cool!

the favorite niece said...

Congrats! To you and Grady...yay!
It seems you have a lot going on. How exciting!
Those puppies look so squooshy and cuddly. I got my Ruby when she was past the puppy stage, so I am very jealous. Please, more puppy pictures!

Barbara O'Connor said...

Jessie! Bring Ruby up for a visit - we can have dualing Rubies.....Thanks for stopping by.

Cyra said...

Hello Ms. O'Connor. I have a question, what is Greetings From Nowhere about? it sure looks like a good book. Right now at school we are reading How to Steal a Dog, and we are loving it. I read it at home to my little brother in our fort that we made.

Cyra said...

I like bejeweled 2 also I play it all the time on my ipod touch. :)