Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Louisiana's Song

I just finished Louisiana's Song by my Smoky Mountain Soul Sister, Kerry Madden.

I have one word:


Ha! Got ya!

Why am I disappointed?

Because there's only one more book in this beautiful trilogy about the Weems family.

I loved this book. I loved the characters. I loved the setting. I loved the voice. I loved the humor.

I've gotten to know Kerry a little bit online - and I can tell that her spirit shines right through in her writing. Also evident is her love of the beautiful Smoky Mountains that I consider my heart's home, her deep respect for the mountain traditions of family and music, and her admiration of her husband's Tennessee family who inspired these stories.

The main character, Livy Two, is just a great big bundle of spunk. How can you not love a girl who says things like: "I do not sleep when critical eavesdropping needs doing."

Or who tells the teacher that her sister is not at school because of "a sparkly migraine", "dragon flu", or a "close encounter with a water moccasin."

Or who calls someone a "know-nothing flap-jaw."

Louisiana's Song continues the story started in Gentle's Holler.

I can't wait till the third book, Jessie's Mountain, comes out in 2008.

And then....disappointment.

No more stories about the Weems.

But then again - you never know....

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