Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Florida Again

This was the coolest thing ever ! At this school, they are creating a Reading Garden: a garden with plants and trees and benches where the children can go to read.

Each author who visits the school gets something planted in their honor.

This is me with the most amazing librarian on the planet, Dee Dee Schatzberg, planting the three bushes that are MY bushes in their garden. (A Barbara Bush?)

Other authors represented in the garden include Jim Aylsworth, Tom Birdseye, Herb Packer, and Laurie Byars.

Me with a banner made by students.

Me (left) and teacher, Ms. Torres (right). All the kids think she looks just like Miss Delphine in Fame and Glory in Freedom, Georgia - and she does!! Exactly!

She has great red hair and dangley earrings and even sparkly high-heeled shoes that go clickity clack.

And she is uber nice, like Miss Delphine.

The kids adore her.

The amazing Dee Dee getting roses for her birthday. Everybody in the entire city of Tampa adores Dee Dee.

(Thank you, Dee Dee, for being my chauffeur and BFF.)

Kids showing me their spelling bee!


susantaylorbrown said...

Oh wow - a reading garden and bush planted in your honor. You have the bestest visits.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm amazed to quote the Beatles! This trip report is very exciting with such gracious and well prepared hosts. They really know how to make a visit so exciting and memorable for the students...and the author! JAZ

Barbara O'Connor said...

Thanks, y'all

Sara said...

That's one of the nicest things I've heard of a school doing...lucky you! If I ever go, though, I'll have to have a designated planter so the poor bush has at least a fighting chance of living. ;)

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

I've been loving hearing about and seeing all these pictures from your school visit! Babara's bush - ha, ha! You're too funny. What an incredible school and teachers and librarians.

Heather said...

This is great, Barbara! Thanks for sharing your pics and all the wonderful experiences you're having on your school visits. It really brings home what it means to be a children's writer and get those kids excited about reading. Awesome! ;o)