Monday, October 8, 2007

The Sunshine State

Greetings from Florida. My first day of school visits started at the most beautiful elementary school ever. It was 80 years old and had so much character. Check out the tiles on these stairs, made by children (the tiles, that is...not the stairs.)

Me, yammering away about Fame and Glory in Freedom, Georgia (my book that is on the Sunshine Young Readers Award list):

Joan McClelland (left), librarian at Mabry Elementary in Tampa and Abby Russell (right), author event coordinator for Barnes and Noble, standing in front of the terrific welcome signs made by the students:

Some words of encouragement from a student:

Abby Russell (left) and me:

Welcoming words from a student:

One of the many drawings of Fame and Glory in Freedom, Georgia:

One class gave me a terrific book of poems they had made.

AND - another class made a banner about various writing elements they found in FAME AND GLORY IN FREEDOM, GEORGIA. I have some great photos of it and will post it at a later date.


susan taylor brown said...

Well bother. I thought I had posted a comment but it seemed to have vanished into thin air. I'm sure it was the wittiest comment EVER too!

I came back to LJ only discover you had jumped ship for Bloggerville. Never fear, I made a LJ feed called gfnowhere so people can friend you there if they want to read you on their friends pages still.

Loved reading about your school visit and hearing how much the kids and everyone else liked your books.

Megan Germano said...

I just wanted to let you know I read Fame and Glory in Freedom Georgia! Yeah... Loved it. I am going to blog about it sometime this week. I will let you know. Next I am reading Moonpie and Ivy.

Barbara O'Connor said...

Susan: Thanks for the LJ feed. You are a dear.

Megan: As always, thank you for your support. Teachers rock!

Kerry Madden said...

It's great to catch up, Barbara. I hope you have a wonderful time in the Sunshine State! We're off to the Volunteer State on Thursday...and then a swing through Alabama. I've been buried deep in writing, and my blogging is taking a backsest. I have a school visit in Sewanee, TN on Friday...

I always seem to have more things to say on the road than at home. Talk soon, and safe travels!


Megan Germano said...

Okay, my review is up. I always get nervous at this point, but here it is...