Friday, October 19, 2007

You're in luck!

I received the following letter from a 4th grader named Courtney:

I loved your book. I wish it had no ending.

Dear Courtney:

You're in luck!

I have been working on a new book for months and months - and guess what?

It has no ending!


Jill Esbaum said...

Wow, really, that's the highest compliment a book can get.

Very cool.

susan taylor brown said...

oh that is so great! I hope to write a book someday that gets me letters from kids. (I get them from grown-ups, but not kids.)

Sarah Miller said...

That put me in hysterics. Maybe I should stop trying so hard to finish the WIP?

Erin said...

That. Is. HILARIOUS. *still laughing*