Friday, October 12, 2007

Last Florida Post

This is the last Florida post. I promise...

(l to r) Harlem, Bird and Miss Delphine


Kids presenting me with a terrific book of drawings.

Me (left) and librarian Starr Anderson, who makes the world's best Spanish bean soup.

At the FAME conference in Orlando, I got Jane O'Connor's (Fancy Nancy) gift basket and she got mine. So I got a cool wand that made magical noises when you waved it - and a feather fan. There's also a chocolate alligator there.

Now I'm home. Whew! A great trip but my pillow sure looked good last night.


Donna G Lester said...

My daughter goes to Walden Lake Elementary and bought your book when you came to the school last week. Today we went to Barnes and Noble and ordered another one of your books as you have become her 'favorite author' this year. She is really looking forward to Popeye and Elvis (her brother and dad's name is Elvis) when it comes out soon.

Thank you for your accessibility to these children. They and we (parents) truly appreciate your commitment to education. Thank you again.

Donna G Lester (mother of Trinity Lester :) )

Barbara O'Connor said...

Donna: Thanks for writing and for your nice words! I had a ball at Walden Lake. Give my best to Trinity.