Friday, October 5, 2007

This one's for you, dad

My dad would have been 82 today. He passed away six years ago, but, of course, I still think of him on this day.

Two things I have in common with my dad:

1. Dog lover

2. Party animal

One thing I do not have in common with my dad = grades in school (especially English).

My dad's 9th grade report card:

My 9th grade report card (in English):
Note: You probably can't read it, but on my report card, the teacher has written: If Barbara wishes to maintain this rating, she must refrain from talking at the beginning of class periods.

She has also written: Barbara can improve her work by being more attentive to class instruction.

To my 9th grade English teacher, wherever you are today, I say: Pooey on you.

To my dad, wherever you are today, I say: Happy birthday.

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Anonymous said...

B- And I think you get your dancing talent from your dad. Looks like he excelled in music! I bet he could cut a rug, too. G.