Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sibling rivalry

Okay...gotta give the other pooch a shout-out, too.

Matty: the grumpiest dog in the universe


susan taylor brown said...

I take that grumpy challenge and put my Chelsie up against your Matty any old day.

She is not food motivated. She doesn't like to be brushed. She doesn't even like to be petted. She spends most of her time sleeping behind the recliner in the library.

She comes out, briefly, when I come home for work and then, that's it. 30 seconds of glad to see you and it's over.

I want to get another dog but she couldn't handle it. Grrrr!

Barbara O'Connor said...

LOL. But don't ya love those grumpy dogs anyway? Matty is a big bundle of personality - but he sure can be grumpy. Constantly growls at poor sweet Phoebe when she's irritating him.