Monday, May 12, 2008

I just love kids

A few words from kids about Greetings from Nowhere:

Greetings from [name of town]! I really love your books, but I think that Greetings from Nowhere was your best yet! My most favorite part of the book was when Loretta got all her mother’s earthly possessions. I liked that part because it was sad for her but good at the same time! Thank you for being an awesome author and thanks for all your hard work.
Love, your biggest fan E

Ello-hay. My favorite part is when they got at the bottom of the pool and talked Pig Latin.

My favorite part in Greetings from Nowhere was when Aggie, who used to own the motel, was told by Willow, the daughter of Mr. Dover who now owns the motel, that she could stay at the motel. That’s my favorite part.

I really liked Greetings from Nowhere. It was fantastic! My favorite parts were when Kirby finally admitted that he had the poodle dog pin of Loretta’s and the part about Dorothy believing that if you walked into a cobweb that you’d get a letter from somebody that you loved. I could go on and on about this, but I can’t.

Greetings from Nowhere is by far my favorite of your books. The character I liked best was Loretta. I am like her because I am peppy and hyper too, and if I was wearing a charm bracelet, I’d jingle it all the time too. Which character do you most relate to? Can’t wait ‘til your next book comes out!
Your friend,

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