Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday stuff down South

Today I decided to attend church services at a teeny little church my dad belonged to about 7 years ago. It's way out in a teeny little town in South Carolina. I hadn't been there in a while, so I wasn't sure I could find it. So I tried to use the GPS.

There were a lot of churches....

A LOT of churches.... But not the one I was looking for.

I drove and drove. I drove past the Pop-a-Top. (But since it was Sunday, no tops were being popped.)

And then I found it!

On the way home, I saw this. Now, do you suppose this is a class that teaches you how to carry a concealed weapon???


Megan Germano said...

Girl, you might been outta the south too long... concealed carry classes are all over now. Isn't the south beautiful and strange all at once?

Barbara O'Connor said...

Megan: You must be right - cause I sure never heard of those classes! And YES - beautiful and strange all at once - that's a great way to put it!