Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Big Apple Recap

My recent trip to New York was great (despite my Amtrak train nightmare, which will go unmentioned).

I was meeting up with my agent, Barbara Markowitz, for the first time ever!! We've worked together for 18 years.

Yes, I said 18 years.

Never met.

How did that happen?

But.....we finally did it.

I literally ran from Penn Station to The Algonquin Hotel.

What a perfect spot for a writer to stay! The home of the Round Table, a group of amazing writers who met there for lunch every day to exchange ideas (including, ultimately, founding the New Yorker Magazine). I hope I absorbed some writerly vibes.

The Round Table of writers

Then it was off to the Flatiron Building to meet my great Macmillan/FSG team.

Flatiron Building

Barbara Markowitz (left) and me

(l to r) Susan Dobinick, Barbara Markowitz, Margaret Ferguson, Harvey Markowitz

(l to r) Me, Barbara Markowitz, Janine O'Malley (front) Margaret Ferguson

 That night, Barbara, Harvey and I had a lovely dinner and toasted ourselves.

(l to r) Barbara Markowitz, Harvey Markowitz, me

Babs Sr. and Babs Jr

We even had cotton candy for dessert!

By the end of day two, Harvey and I were tired.

A grand old time!!


Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Lovely!!! How did this happen after all your trips to NYC over the years?! Wow, I hope it doesn't take you and me 18 years to meet, although we're getting close to that number . . . ;-)

❀ Stacy DeKeyser said...

I love the Algonquin! It's my favorite place to hang out, drink tea and pretend I'm staying there. :P
(They used to have a drink called the Slush Pile!)
Plus it's not far from the library. :)

Sherry Nelson Rosso said...

Writers can connect so deeply with one another that it's easy to forget that they haven't actually met. It may have always felt as though you have. That, I think, may be your explanation for why you never met with your editor before!