Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cypress, Texas Part 2

Day 2: Sampson School!

The students had made some awesome Lost Dog signs in honor of How to Steal a Dog


There were so many of them.

I wish I could have posted pics of all of them.

But here are some so you can see how great they were.

A special thanks to Mrs. Cabrera for helping with that project.

Me with Mrs. Cabrera

It was such a joy to meet librarian, Paula Morgan. (I think we are soul sisters.)

Mrs. Morgan and me

Some more Sampson photos:

Me with wonderful fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Callaghan.

Presenting to the great students at Sampson!

And check out this great gift: ornaments that represent three of my books:

Next stop?

Adam School

Thank you, Mrs. Anthony and all the great students!

Mrs. Anthony (left) and me

Chatting with students from Adam School


Melinda Morris said...

Your 'How to Steal a Dog' book made such a wonderful impression on my 4th grade daughter from Sampson Elementary, that she's now reading it to me! Every night, she reads a chapter to me. When we says prayers, she has now started including, "everyone who doesn't have a house to live in." Thank you for taking the time to visit with the students at her school. And thank you for writing such a great book - I'm loving it, too!

Barbara O'Connor said...

Well, wow! Thank you for sharing that, Melinda! Made my day.