Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cypress, Texas Part 4

Next I spoke to students at Warner.

Me with librarian Gina Moss

Next up? Duryea School

Me with librarian Alana Wilkin

The week flew by.

Last day: Keith School.

Me with Keith student Bethany Budnek

And the last school of the week: Swenke!

Me with librarian Angie Arnett

Swenke students

Thank you, Cy-Fair, for a great week!


Suzanne Gibbs said...

What caught my eye is that you mentioned your visit to Warner. I teach at Warner, so of course it caught my eye.

Sadly, though, our Warner is in Michigan. My kids would have SO loved it if you were at OUR Warner! They have loved How To Steal a Dog and The Secret of Owen Jester, and will love Greetings from Nowhere and the rest we have in our classroom library as well, as the year progresses.

It's so nice that you chronicle your visits. It's so nice that you visit!

Barbara O'Connor said...

Thanks so much, Suzanne!