Thursday, October 10, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

I love this red plate.

The purpose of this plate is to celebrate something special that happened to the person eating from it.

You document the occasion with a marker on the bottom of the plate.

When my son was growing up, we always referred to a special event as "a red-plate dinner."

Alas, some of the events are wearing away with time, but most of them are still visible.

Most of them are my son's. 

(I did, however, get one event on there.)

Here are some:

First day of first grade 9/3/93

Grady lost his first tooth 10/15/93


Grady got a perfect grade on his spelling test; second grade; November 1994

No more crib! Grady in a big boy bed 3/19/90 photo


Grady caught his first fish 4/4/94

Grady got a job 2011 [a personal favorite]

Grady's first oil change 6/8/03

Grady beat final Bowser in Mario 64 Nintendo

(This one is my favorite. I was a HUGE Mario 64 fan and played endlessly. I was so happy when he beat Bowser.)

Here is mine: Blondie (that's me) Fame and Glory book signing 6/14/03

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Kirby Larson said...

I have that plate, too!!! But we never wrote on the back. Just used it for special occasions. None as special as beating Bowser, though.