Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Two Things on Tuesday

I will pick up the hook.
You will see something new.
Two things. And I call them
Thing One and Thing Two
(Dr. Seuss; The Cat in the Hat)

With school visit season in full swing and a manuscript to work on, my blogging has slowed down a tad.

So I'm starting a new blog post I'm calling Two Things on Tuesday to ensure that I get at least a little something in.

So, welcome to the debut of Two Things on Tuesday.

Thing One

Summer was drifting along so beautifully and then Fall came charging in.

The pool is closed:


 but my beloved screened porch is still open.


It's too cool to eat dinner out there but at least I don't have to look at the ugly plastic and tarps of winter yet. I miss those summer evenings.


My outdoor office is still open but requires a sweater.

And the firewood is stacked and ready for winter. 


Thing Two

I recently went to New York for a couple of days. I visited with my great FSG/Macmillan team. (I blogged about it HERE.) 

One of my favorite things about visiting publishing companies is seeing manuscripts in various stages of production. It's so much fun think that they will all someday be books. (It's also a great reminder of how much WORK goes into the creation of a book.) 

I had two books in production at the same time! The one on the right was later changed to The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester.

How to Steal a Dog

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