Monday, October 14, 2013

Cypress, Texas Part 1

I had a GREAT week in Cypress, Texas, visiting schools in the Cypress-Fairbanks School District.

All the schools made me feel so welcome and the kids totally rocked.

The first day started with a bit of bad luck: My luggage stayed behind in Boston.

So the uber fabulous librarian, Jennifer Lucas, took me to Target for all the essentials in life, like mascara. (Thanks, Mrs. Lucas!!)

But, wait! We forgot something! 

A comb!


But never fear! Mrs. Lucas and I spiffed up my hairdo with forks.

So now I was ready to present to the great students of Hamilton.

Me and Mrs. Lucas (right) with our forks

Me with Paige

Me with Jordan

Me with Jackson

Me with Rachel

Next stop?

Fiest School.

The kids were great and welcoming. 

Thanks, y'all.

 And later, I got to have a great dinner with their super librarian, Mrs. Sweet.

(l to r) Librarian Claudia Fenske, author Phil Bildner, Kim Sweet

More about my great Cypress visit coming up.

Stay tuned.

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