Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My drumming class

So here's a little snippet of an audio recording of my African drumming class.

The person at the beginning of the tape who goofs up is me.

The person who is laughing is me.

The person who is playing really well is not me.

The beautiful singing voice is my teacher, Mohammed.

If you make it through to the end (i.e., if you aren't bored to tears immediately), I actually get a little better.

(Warning to anyone reading this blog at the office: this has SOUND - and it does not sound like that conference call you were supposed to be making with IBM.)

(And by the way, here's why this is a "video": I have this great little digital recorder that is not Mac-compatible. So the only way I could figure out how to get an mp3 file onto my computer was to record the recording with Garage Band. Then import the file into iMovie. Then upload it to You Tube. That is either pure genius or total moronic stupidity. I'm not sure which.)


Anonymous said...

OK, B. I can't hear it. That's either total moronic stupidity or- or what?

Barbara O'Connor said...

Uh oh - moronic stupidity for sure. I'll have to check on this problem....