Monday, August 18, 2008

A real life eBay

I would be a bad monk.

I love stuff.

Not big stuff, like yachts or Ferarri's.

But little stuff.



This past weekend was heaven.

Hubby and I went to an antique fair in Bouckville, New York - just south of Utica.



And more stuff:

There were even taxidermy chickens. (Yes, those are real chickens.)

And then, right in the middle of our cruising all the stuff, a wicked storm:

Thunder. Lightning.
Ironically, we had just bought two lightning rods (for my garden).
Luckily, my husband was carrying them, not me.

So the rain forced everyone into the tents, which was a little, um....claustrophobic.

But then the storm passed and all was right with the world. (That guy's shirt says: I Buy Guitars & Amps.)

Back to shopping for more STUFF.

This was like the world's largest real life eBay.

I'll show you some of the STUFF I scored later this week.

The. Best. Weekend.


Anonymous said...

Not sure why I have this sudden, strange compulsion, but I. Want. Me. A. Chicken.

Mary Lee said...

Don't let Susan at Chicken Spaghetti catch sight of those chickens...