Monday, May 28, 2007

The Art of Procrastination

To avoid writing, I read about how to write.

It works every time.

My current Tool of Procrastination is Elizabeth George's terrific how-to book, Write Away.

Per Ms. George: "I've long believed that there are two distinct but equally important halves to the writing process: One of these is related to art; the other is related to craft. Obviously, art cannot be taught....But it's ludicrous to suggest and short-sighted to believe that the fundamentals of fiction can't be taught."

I find that my writing benefits from taking some refresher courses from time to time - rereading those writing how-to books I love - studying character development and dialogue and even that simple little motto: show, don't tell.

Then I come back to my stories a lot freer to enjoy the art of writing.

"The art of writing is what you get to do once you become familiar with the craft."

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