Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Nasty or noble?

Okay, so there's this web site that tracks Amazon rankings. It gives you the best, worst, and average rankings for whatever books you enter. But the coolest thing is that it keeps your customized list of books in order of rank - and updates constantly (and I mean constantly - trust me, I've checked.)

Now, if you are a nasty person, you list your book along with other books that came out at the same time or books by people you don't like, or books by people you do like, and then you take great gleeful delight when your book rises to the top, pushing those other books down, down, down, squashing them like a bug.

But then again, those other books might be squashing yours like a bug. So nasty people just have to take their chances in the bug-squashing department.

And if you are a really nasty person, you order lots of your own books just to get the cheap thrill of taking the others down. (But then, that's kind of economically stupid just for the sake of a fleeting bug-squashing high.)

But, of course, a noble person like me just sits back and cheers when other books rise to the top - and I don't worry one little iota if my book becomes a squashed bug.

I mean, we can't take these things personally, right?

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Anonymous said...

I am a title Z junkie.