Monday, May 21, 2007

Grace Lin's Book Launch Party Part 1

I went to Grace Lin's book launch party on Saturday. Wow, that girl can plan a party! Here's how it went:

I took the train in to the city (Boston). On the way, I played Mario Brothers on my Nintendo and got irritated by people talking on cellphones (which was everyone but me).

As soon as I arrived at the party, the first person I saw was Grace, looking so pretty and happy and smart and like someone who should definitely be named Grace.

Here we are (we got our glasses at a two-for-one sale):

Okay, so then I headed for the food. But it was so dang pretty, I wasn't about to be the first one to mess it up:

I guess when you have a book launch party, you get hugged a lot. This is Leo Landry hugging Grace (or Grace hugging Leo Landry).