Monday, May 21, 2007

Grace Lin's Party Part 2

Okay, so now I've gotta mingle. Here I go...

This is Horn Book's designer and production manager, Lolly Robinson (in red, back to camera. Sorry, Lolly) and friend (I can't remember her name but she went to Harvard, so, hey, I remembered something) talking to Blue Rose Girl, Elaine Magliaro.

Lolly and I were convinced we had met before. But we tossed out every conceivable event, from PLA to IRA to ALA to NPA (National Partyers Association) but no luck.

She was recording a podcast for Horn Book and I got to talk a bit about my new book (How to Steal a Dog). Lucky for me, it was just reviewed by Horn Book, so I had something Horn Bookish to say on the podcast.

Here is the same group, joined by Little Brown editor, Alvina Ling. I love her blue rose ponytail.

Here is Grace with Pat Keogh (Foundation for Children's Books and Creative Arts Coordinator for the town of Weston, Massachusetts). Pat is the world's biggest supporter of children's literature. She's amazing. She's read every children's book and knows every children's author on the planet. I think.