Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Characters from real life

The gentleman on the right is the real-life Mookie - one of the main characters in How to Steal a Dog.

He lives in Fountain Inn, South Carolina. I'm headed there tomorrow. I'm gonna look for Mookie!


Anonymous said...

Glad you brought this up.... I picked up HOW TO STEAL A DOG last week at a library. As a reader, I was unable to tear myself away. LOVED Georgina's voice and was caught up in her heartbreaking circumstances from page 1. Toby was also spot on.

As a writer, I kept thinking (upon surfacing occasionally), Man, hope I can write like this someday.

Jill E, who is not normally a suck up.

Barbara O'Connor said...

Jill!! Thanks so much for those nice words.

You can suck up any time you want. :-)