Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Play it again, Sam

I love this quote from Katherine Paterson:

Send your inner critic off on vacation and just write the way little children play. You can't be judge and creator at the same time...

Oh, Katherine, you are so wise and wonderful....

But I also love my inner critic. We've become such good friends.

Because of my anal compulsive obsessive detail-oriented personality, I often find myself judging more than I'm playing.

I write by hand. That's the time when I write freely, without my inner critic.

But by the time I've polished it and begin to type what I've written onto the computer, my friend, the inner critic is with me all the time.

Yesterday, I found myself subconsciously typing words or phrases that were not written on the paper - and I actually did it a few times before I realized I had done it. This probably sounds perfectly normal to perfectly normal writers, but for me, it was unusual.

Totally free writing.

The way little children play.

My inner critic was on vacation.


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