Thursday, July 19, 2007

FSG's brilliant book designers

It takes a village to make a book.

In addition to having brilliant editors and brilliant copyeditors, FSG has brilliant book designers.

I was thrilled with the design of How to Steal a Dog. Thank you, Barbara Grzeslo. (Love those little paw prints inside. And the cover? I mean, come on! You're da bomb, Barbara!)

I'm just as thrilled with the design of Greetings from Nowhere. I'll share the jacket art later. It's by John Hendrix, who just did the cover for Polly Horvath's newest novel.

But I thought I'd share the inside design, which I just love. It's by Irene Metaxatos. One important element of the story is a postcard from the Great Smoky Mountains, so Irene used that theme in her design. It's a multiple viewpoint story (four characters), so each character's chapter gets its own design.

Cool, huh? (The scans aren't too great, but....)

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Anonymous said...

Can't get any better than that! So perfect for the story.