Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Somebody up there is telling me something

I'm trying to write.

At this very moment.


There is MAJOR construction going on next door to me. Close your eyes and imagine the sound of jack hammers. Now imagine that excruciatingly annoying beep beep beep sound that equipment makes when it backs up.

Okay, so I can't work on the porch.

I come back inside.

I'm sitting in the kitchen.

A MOUSE is running back and forth across the floor.

He is a teeny tiny baby mouse but he is freaking me out.

I have two choices:
1. Go get my super duper mouse catching cat.
2. Throw a towel over the mouse and take it outside.

I am trying for option #2 but it is not working.

I'm wearing flip flops. I am terrified the teeny tiny mouse is going to run over my toes.

Maybe I'm getting cosmic signs to stop writing today.

Here, kitty kitty.....

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