Monday, December 22, 2008

Back by popular demand

....well, okay, one person - but, hey, she's very popular (Hey, Maria!)

My grandmother's fabulous Red Velvet Cake.

It is really good - very moist and so beautiful. I used to make it in a heart-shaped cake pan for Valentine's Day. It's really pretty for Christmas, too.

As for the Mystery Icing - well, it's a mystery to me how my grandmother got hers to turn out so much better than mine. Mine is always grainy from the sugar. You might try Jennifer's suggestion about the confectioners sugar.

I hope these are legible. I could have typed up the recipe, but it's just so much more fun to see it in the original, I think.

And now, we are all waiting - spoons ready - for the Brownie You Eat With a Spoon recipe.

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La Prof said...

thank you!!! you'll have to get the exact brownie recipe from the source (aka my mom), but i remember it's easy: melt an obscene amount of baker's chocolate with an almost as obscene amount of butter, add eggs and granulated sugar, add vanilla, throw in some flour and baking stuff for good measure, barely bake and enjoy!

i'll let you know how the cake turns out. i sense a project for over the holidays.