Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My new office

Trying to write a book while doing school visits is challenging.
This is my new office.

Today I noticed the title changes I've made.

Porkchop Dreams was pretty good but had nothing to do with the story (heh!). Porchop dreams, by the way, is my term for those doggie dreams that dogs have when they yip and twitch in their dreams. They must be dreaming about porkchops, don't you think?

And Dear Owen is so boring - and also has nothing to do with the story.

This probably sounds weird, but in most cases, for me, the title comes before the actual story. I might have a hazy idea of the story, but not until I think of the title does it become clearer. That was the case with The Short, Sad Life of Tooley Graham.


Susan Taylor Brown said...

Barb, I'm the same way. Have to have the title before I can go any further.

Of course sometimes I have a title for 20 years before I actually get to work on the book.

Danette Haworth said...


I'm already interested.