Monday, December 29, 2008

One Year in Two Minutes

Recipe for making a slightly blurry slideshow entitled: One Year in Two Minutes (okay, okay...One Year in Two Minutes and Seven Seconds)

1 part snowstorm
2 parts procrastination
1 part geek
2 heaping helpings of iMovie tutorials
1 handful of random photos taken throughout the year
1 large dose of iTunes
3 failed attempts to upload to YouTube
1 hour reading fascinating live blogging by New School students who had taken over a school building in protest and seeing a video that had been uploaded using Blogger (and therefore rethinking the YouTube strategy)
1 part Blogger Help
15 minutes waiting on seemingly-eternally long upload
1 dash of wondering why some of the photos are so blurry but then saying "oh, well"

Combine all.
Curse a little bit.
Stir, cook and enjoy.


Carol said...

Golden retrievers, friends, books, the ocean and flowers- could life get any better!
This is way fun!I want to try it, except I am afraid I would curse a lot!

Megan Germano said...

How utterly satisfying and fascinating! My goal is to be in your movie this coming year. I believe I will be seeing you at the Dublin Literacy Conference? If so, I hope that I can get my chance at the video debut!

Barbara O'Connor said...

Oh, Megan - I'm so excited!! You will definitely be in my next video.....

Can't wait....

Mary Lee said...

Love the music. Awaiting tutorial on how to embed iMovies videos via Blogger. (Or I might get impatient and sufficiently off task that I will go figure it out myself!)

Barbara O'Connor said...

Ha! Mary Lee - you would think I would have kept track of how the heck I did it, but, no....I just winged it and have forgotten it forever. Why do it the easy way when you can spend all day doing it the hard way, right? :-)

Karen said...

I loved it! Gotta say my favorite parts are your gardens, your screened porch, the beach, and your dog!!
And along with Megan and Mary Lee, can't wait to see you in Dublin!

Barbara O'Connor said...

Thanks, Karen. Yeah, I can't wait for the Dublin conference. It will be here before you know it!