Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mindless pleasures

I love jigsaw puzzles. I pull this one out once a year.

I love the beginning phase, when you turn over all the pieces and start sorting them.

Then you separate all the edge pieces. (Love that part!)

And then you separate them by color and pattern.

It's just all so....mindless.

And with that, I'm signing out for a few days to enjoy the season.

Happy Holidays to All!


Anonymous said...

I heart puzzles, too, but it seems I don't pull one out very often. Something about the Christmas season makes it okay to just kick back and relax with something mindless.

Have a good one!

Jill E

Sarah Miller said...

All right, now YOU'RE the pinchably geeky one.

Barbara O'Connor said...

Ha! Sarah - you were lurking around my head when I posted this, cause I was thinking the same thing.

Augusta Scattergood said...

You should be here with my crew. They LOVE puzzles, especially the 2-year-old. Tho she's not quite ready for that puzzle!
Thanks for your comment on my blog, re: Christmas in Florida. Merry, merry to you, too!
Now, off to bake the pies. Something's gotta make me think it's December! G.