Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So, I had a moment of temporary (I hope) insanity and set up a Facebook page.

I have no idea why, except that (in the words of Geek Girl Sarah Miller) "all the cool kids are doing it." (Note: She said this in reference to something else, which of course I can't remember, but I guess it was something cool.)

Now I'm wondering what the heck I'm supposed to do with the thing.

I suddenly have all these wonderful friends - which I'm very happy about....

...but now I'm feeling like I should be doing something for all those friends.... baking brownies or whipping up batches of margaritas or something.

So, if you write something on my wall or poke me or whatever the heck you do on that thing and I don't respond, it's not because I don't like you.

It's just because I don't know what I'm doing.

And bless Mitali Perkins's heart for suggesting that I add my blog feed or whatever it is she called it. I actually managed to do it.

To complicate matters, I'm kind of spinning out of control due to the illness of my beloved Phoebe, so my head is a-spin (is that a word? It should be.) and I just can't deal with Facebook panic at the moment.

So, have patience with me, Friends.


Vivian said...

Facebook can wait.

Take care of Phoebe.


Sarah Miller said...

Advice from Geek Girl: Don't get sucked into all the virtual gift-giving, snowball-throwing, tree-planting, and bemusing yet essentially meaningless applications that Facebook will try to seduce you with. Before you know it, it'll turn into senseless time suck.

Much as I enjoy Facebook, I stoutly refuse to do anything with it except communicate directly (meaning, in my own words) with the folks I've friended. I read their updates and [some] notes, look at photos, and make comments. No memes, no digital shenanigans. Well ok, except for Flair.

In short, don't feel guilty about ignoring requests that serve no purpose.

Heather said...

LOL I suffered the same kind of temorary insanity just a few weeks ago, and I know exactly where you're coming from. I'll have to look you up on there -- if I can just figure out how! ;o)

Mitali Perkins said...

YOU DID IT! I knew you would.

For the record, I don't do flair or gifts or plants or books or any extra applications on FB.

Zipper and Strider (our labs) send kisses to Phoebe.

Anonymous said...

Amen to all said, re: facebook. But I'm about to head on over and request friendship.
Ditto, hugs and kisses to Phoebe.

Nisha said...

I want to be your friend! Margaritas and brownies are welcome here! :)

I recently set up a facebook account as keep up with my 2 boys in college....still trying to figure the darn thing out.

Kirby Larson said...

It seems like after the initial whirlwind of getting friended, things do slow down to a manageable pace. And -- this on advice from one of my much more savvy friends -- you don't have to respond if you get tagged to write 25 random things about yourself or anything like that.

Still thinking of you and Phoebe.