Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kids say the darnedest things

Excerpts from letters from kids after a school visit:

"I thank you for coming and I am jumpy for your newest book."

"Your presentation was a lot better than the last author that came here!"

"Hey. I'm the one that complemented your writing and then regretted it."

"You were awesome up there. Now I know how to write. You talt [sic] me how to write a book. Thanks a hole [sic] lot. You were great even in front of like 94 kids."

The next one is in reference to Taking Care of Moses. I love it when kids invent words that make so much sense:

"I have been to a church before and I have seen babies being bathtized"

This next one is so eloquent. His mother would be darned proud:

"Now that you have told my fellow classmates and I about how you incorporate your life with your books, it makes me want to read all of your books. You are kind of a celebrity now at our school, but at least you are a real person. Barbara O'Connor, you are a really good writer and presenter."

[Now THAT kid may grow up to be President!]

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