Saturday, January 3, 2009

I probably shouldn't admit this

Yesterday I was working on an ongoing project - putting all of our family photos into better (acid-free) photo albums.

I came across this picture of me and my niece performing a dance during the Thanksgiving holidays eight years ago.

Notice the date.

Notice my son making a "loser" sign behind my back.

But here's another startling thing I noticed.

See that shirt I'm wearing?

I was wearing the exact same shirt yesterday!

Eight years later!

It's my favorite shirt.

I got it at the Gap at least 10 years ago.

It's really, really soft and all worn in and cotton-y and comfy.

And it's getting dangerously close to the rag bag.

But, hey, you can't say I didn't get my money's worth....

1 comment:

Karen said...

I love my clothes that are like your shirt!! There is comfort, both physically and mentally, in clothes like that.