Monday, April 28, 2008

Progress report

Thank you, Lord, for this perfect day.





A perfect day to NOT work in the garden.

A perfect day to NOT walk the dogs.

A perfect day to NOT tidy up the screened porch.

A perfect day to work on revisions.

I have worked nonstop (almost) all day and have revised 31 out of 118 pages.

Not bad.

Only one little distraction.

A mouse.

I saw evidence of him (her?) yesterday under the kitchen sink (aka: droppings).

Today, I HEARD him. Scritching. Scratching. Under the sink.

Earlier in the day, while working diligently on my revisions, I had gone temporarily insane and decided to eat potato chips. I regained my sanity and threw the chips in the trash (well, okay, not ALL of the chips, but SOME of the chips).

I was convinced the mouse was in the garbage can eating the chips.

I took the garbage can outside and turned it over and scooched around in there with a wooden spoon.

No mouse.

Went back to work on my revisions.

Scritch. Scratch.

I can hear the mouse again.

Very distracting.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

"Sigh"-- I know all about mice. At least you're never alone...

Glad you made the most of the rainy day. Looks like we're going to have a few more!