Thursday, April 17, 2008

TLA Part Three

Texas Library Association conference has been amazing!

Dang - there are a LOT of librarians in Texas!

I have lots of photos (thanks the brilliant and uber efficient FSG marketing associate, Katie Halata) but probably won't have a chance to post them until I get home.

My presentation this morning with Gennifer Choldenko and Betty Birney was fun and we survived the technical equipment nerves - and we had an amazing panel moderator (shout out to Viki Ash here....) - photo and info about the award she won later.

Met a gazillion librarians during my signing.

Tonight: publishers cocktail party and dinner with FSG marketing folks, authors Will Weaver and Mona Kerby and a group of book folks I'm looking forward to meeting.

More later....

Oh - btw - I just tried to print out my AMERICAN AIRLINES (boo hiss) boarding pass and there was a PROBLEM. I can't go into details yet, but wish me luck...

Also - I'm losing my voice!

Also - I DID get to hang with my bud, Linda Sue Park, after all (and have the photos to prove it). More later....

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