Sunday, April 20, 2008

TLA Part Four

Okay, so after 8 hours at the airport in Boston, which included three attempts at standby (the last flight I waited for had 37 people on the standby list while they were begging people to sell their seats because they were severely overbooked. American Airlines, I have so many nasty things to say about you.....)

I arrived!
The beautiful Adolphus Hotel in Dallas.

This has never looked so good:

But, pioneer woman that I am, I resisted the calling of the big fluffy bed, jumped in a cab, and headed to the latest Dallas hotspot (according to the cab driver) - to meet up with my DDR bud, Linda Sue Park - and meet for the first time one of my co-presenters for the conference, Gennifer Choldenko.
(l to r) me, Linda Sue, Gennifer

Linda Sue and Gennifer

I was too danged tired to stay for dinnner, but Linda Sue forced me to drink a teeny tiny little Manhattan (I think she and I have many great vices in common.)

Then for once in my life I used self-control, grabbed a cab and headed back to my true love:

More later.....

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Jennifer said...

I'm enjoying your progress... By the way, I thought I heard last week that AA may be offering big chunks of $$ to people who were cancelled/bumped... (the airline, that is.) I'm sure that Manhattan tasted good! ;-)