Wednesday, April 16, 2008

TLA Part Two

I have now been at the airport for five hours.


Count 'em.

And three more to go.

This is not good.

So far I have:
1. Played 219 games of Nintendo and still not beat that big ghost dude in the castle on level 8.
2. Played 43 games of Sudoku.
3. Had my shoes shined. This is the first time in my life I have ever gotten a shoeshine.
4. Made friends with the shoeshine guy. He grew up in Georgia.
5. Made friends with a woman wearing pink stilletos who paid $2000 for a first class one way ticket to Dallas because she was desperate.
6. I'm not that desperate.
7. But getting close.....

I was supposed to be having dinner with Linda Sue Park and Gennifer Choldenko tonight.

That's not gonna happen.

What time is it?

Oh, good....only two hours and forty-five minutes to go...


jama said...

Dear Shiny Shoes Lady,
So sorry to hear about the delay! Even sorrier to hear about you missing an important dinner. Hope everything else goes well once you get there.

Megan Germano said...

Oooo, I am so sorry . I feel for you. The same thing happened to me on Spring Break. I didn't have as glamorous dinner guests to meet, though. (Just my mom and dad) ;)

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Oh, Barbara - how totally sucky to be stuck for 8 hours! I'm so sorry this happened and you missed dinner with such great friends and writers. I hope you don't miss anything else.
Hang in there, girlfriend.
Did you bring a good book - or three?

Jennifer Thermes said...

Oh, that stinks. :-(