Monday, April 21, 2008

TLA Part Five

Okay, so the next day, I was thanking the cowboy gods that I hadn't stayed at the restaurant the night before and had another Manhattan. Instead, I had a lovely evening with:

And woke up refreshed and ready to participate in the panel: 'Tweens in the Twilight: Life's Little Challenges.

Co-presenters: (l to r) Gennifer Choldenko, me, Betty Birney

Panel moderator, librarian Viki Ash and me.

Later that day, at the Bluebonnet Award luncheon, Viki received a MAJOR award for her outstanding achievement in children's library service. Congratulations to Viki - and many thanks for organizing and moderating a terrific panel.

The table is set up and ready for our presentation:

That image on the screen is Pat Boone. Why is Pat Boone part of my presentation, you ask? I'm not telling. I may have to recycle this presentation some day.

Here I am saying something hilarious...or, at least, Viki and I think so:

Now, one thing to keep in mind (this will be important to my story in a later post), at this point, my voice is getting hoarser and hoarser.......

More later.....

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