Wednesday, April 23, 2008

TLA Part Seven

After my signing, I went to the Texas Bluebonnet Award luncheon.

That ole cliche about everything being BIG in Texas is true. I'm telling you, this thing was BIG. I read that there were 8100 folks at the conference. I think at least half of them attended this luncheon.

This picture doesn't do this luncheon justice.
It was BIG.

I didn't save my program so I can't give you this kid's name, but he was amazing. He was one of the student representatives. He was introducing the award winner and giving some of her bio. He hardly ever even looked at his notes! (You are viewing him on a mucho gigundo screen because I was sitting so far from the podium.)

This is Bluebonnet Award winner Lucy Nolan, who won for her book Down Girl and Sit: On the Road. Her speech was terrific. (Very DOG-oriented, which suits me to a tee.)
Now, by this time, I have almost no voice at all.

So there I sit at a big table full of librarians and all I can do is whisper, "Please pass the bread."

I smiled a lot, though.

More later.... (I'm dragging this conference out to maximize my blog entries. Clever, huh?)

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